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http://www.gaia-foam.it/At the end of the 1960s, the British scientist James Lovelock chose a name with very ancient, illustrious origins to define his vision of the Earth as a living, breathing, evolving organism: Gaia, the earth goddess of Greek mythology.

Gaia® is composed of water, raw materials derived from renewable sources like soya and a special herbal essential oil blend to aid restful sleep.

Gaia® is the most innovative product on the market, the only one to combine the breathability, comfort, durability and elasticity of Waterlily™ with the benefits of essential oils and soya-based raw materials.

Gaia®: the quality and reliability of a great brand together with totally natural raw materials make it an unbeatable standard setter in the mattress market.

For further information: http://www.gaia-foam.it/



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